Alupse ASBL - 27 September 2015

The specificity of ALUPSE-Bébé’s service is based on 3 closely linked elements: house calls by social workers, midwives and psychologists, and their close cooperation with hospital pediatricians, as well as the possibility of up to 3 years of patient care.

Since 2007, this service is available to future parents and to any mother who is either expecting or has given birth, and if needed until the child’s third birthday. The team is specialized in promoting the link between parents and children, and supports parents going through crisis situations. The offices are at the CHL, more specifically at the Pediatric Clinic, rue Barblé 4 in Luxembourg City and since October 1, 2013 also in Gasperich 8, rue Tony Bourg, L-1278 Luxembourg.

This is an intervention and primary prevention service for future parents, for new or expecting mothers who live a precarious existence, suffer from psychiatric illnesses or are in a state of social exclusion. The mission has multiple aspects :

  • Supporting the link between parents and children
  • Early intervention to support both the child’s and the family’s resources and own potential
  • Immediate assistance to families with newborns who are in a difficult life situations

The assistance starts at an early stage, if possible already during pregnancy.

The support is provided at home:

  • Advice and help on child care and education, assistance with the baby’s daily activities
  • Support in perceiving the baby’s needs: feeding, sleep-wake cycle, personal care, emotional and care needs
  • Practice recognizing the baby’s signals and reacting appropriately
  • Informing the parents about the emotional, social, cognitive and psychomotor development of small children
  • Value and mobilize parent’s competencies
  • Availability in case of crisis situations
  • Support network

We are pleased to share with you hereafter the ALUPSE annual activity report for the year 2014. The innovation for 2015 is a new social pediatric service within ALUPSE a.s.b.l. in June 2014 whose aim is to diagnose, treat therapeutically and prevent any kind of child abuse, and to promote well-treatment.

Dr. Idoya Perez, who is responsible for the social paediatric service, is a key member of the cross-functional team at ALUPSE. The social paediatric service is responsible for creating, coordinating and implementing its project at a national level.