Iles aux Clowns ASBL - 2 August 2015

As of July 7th 2013, hospital clowns from “L’Île aux Clowns” a.s.b.l. (Clowns Island) have been brought back by the request of children and adults in several units, notably medical ones. Whilst the charity has been established and has started operating thanks to the help of its five founders, it is through the generosity of the general public that hospital clowns are able to keep on putting together a string of activities to improve the quality and make the environment better.

“L’Île aux Clowns” has hired two extra professional clowns to better accommodate their growing demand. The scope of their activities has widened to the whole hospital field, including the oncology and palliative care units and the hosting facility.

Our activities are only possible thanks to the general public’s support and generosity. It is our team’s hope to keep on receiving this support. The passion and benevolence displayed by the hospital clowns clearly show how relevant it is to appreciate their activities for what they are worth within a medical environment.